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4 Questions to Ask Moving Companies

You know how important it is to have a trustworthy and responsible moving company on your side.

This process can become a little easier when you get answers to these valuable questions to ask moving companies. The information you gather in these initial screenings can go a long way.

We’ll share both key questions to ask movers and how to interpret some common answers.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Moving Company

What are the most important questions to ask packers and movers? Start with gathering these basic pieces of information.

Question No. 1: Are You Licensed and Insured?

Focus on the basics before you start wondering about specific moving services and quality of work. A licensed and insured mover meets specific business requirements and has the necessary insurance coverage to operate legally.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers a database of registered interstate professional movers. See if the companies you’re considering for moving long distances are listed.

Question No. 2: Are You Available When I Need You?

From a purely practical perspective, ask this question early on. It’s a simple one for an organized and detail-oriented mover to answer.

If they aren’t available when you need to move, you know you can keep searching. If the company can’t give you an answer — either during the conversation or relatively soon afterward — are they really the movers to hire?

Question No 3: How Complete is Your Estimate? Are There Other Potential Fees and Charges to Consider?

A truly trustworthy and honest mover won’t hide potential costs or add-on charges from you. This is especially important for a long-distance move

Unfortunately, not all moving companies are so scrupulous.

In your conversation, try to feel out how willing a potential moving partner is to share all pricing info and explain when additional charges come into play.

If they seem hesitant or like they’re withholding information, it may be best to work with a different partner on moving day. It can pay off to check customer reviews for more perspective, too.

Question No. 4: Which Moving Services Do You Offer?

Moving companies may offer a broad range of services or just the basics. Some may not have much more to offer than competent staff and a moving truck. Others can do significantly more, offering support like packing and warehousing throughout the process.

Complications are all too common with a long-distance move. It can pay off to have a full-service moving company on your side, ready to step in with additional services when needed.

Get Your Move Started on the Right Foot

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