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Moving with Kids Tips: Your Guide for a Smooth Move with Children

Most adults have had at least one move in their past, if not several. We’re used to this process and can forget how much of a major life transition it can be, especially for children.

If you’re moving with kids, there are some special considerations to make. You’ll want to try to soothe any fears, work through move-related anxiety, and generally highlight the positives of moving.

Keeping your children involved and addressing those issues can pay off for both you and your kids, during and after the moving process.

How to Help Your Child Cope with Moving Anxiety and Other Feelings

Any move can be jarring to a child because of the large impending change and loss of what’s familiar and comfortable. A long-distance move, which can be great for your family as a whole, can also be especially difficult for kids due to the distance involved.

One general piece of advice that isn’t always possible to follow, but is important to think about: try to move outside of the school year. This is less disruptive overall and gives kids the opportunity to start the school year along with all of their fellow classmates.

The Child Mind Institute explains that, because a family moving is never a kid’s decision, they can feel overwhelmed or anxious by the process. How can you help as your move goes from a possibility to a scheduled event in the near future?

  • Holding a family meeting to announce the news sooner rather than later can help them start to prepare. Be sure to follow up with more info and help them feel connected to and involved in the process.
  • Ask about and acknowledge their feelings in conversations. This will help you know which issues are most important to address.
  • Remind them that they can stay in touch with friends, family, and people in the community they look up to. Technology is a powerful tool. You can even plan return visits to see old friends.
  • Keep some personal belongings off of the moving truck. Younger kids may want to keep a few favorite stuffed animals on hand for the trip on moving day. Older kids might want books, electronics, or even mementos of their time in their old home.
  • Talk about kids’ rooms in new homes. Give them the opportunity to decorate. Having choices about new paint colors and using decor from their current room can make them feel like they have more power in the situation.
  • Make sure either you or the moving company clearly marks their boxes. Unpacking and starting to settle in can help with adjusting to a new space.

What to Keep in Mind When Moving with a Toddler

Toddlers are very focused on the people in their everyday lives, Parents magazine explains. 

When their close family members all make a long-distance move together with a child younger than school age, it may not be especially disruptive for them. Just try to maintain their important routines and answer any questions they have thoughtfully.

A Successful Move Makes it That Much Easier for Your Kids

When you’re moving with kids, you want a partner who can make the entire process easy. You can spend less time worrying about the details when you trust your movers. That’s more time you can put toward helping your kids handle this major change.
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