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4 Long-Distance Moving Tips to Help You Plan Your Move

A positive and efficient moving process always requires some time and attention, and that’s especially true when you need to move across the country.

At Fast Moving Group, we have deep experience in successfully managing and executing cross-country and other long-distance moves.

Wondering how to prepare for a long-distance move? We’ve put the following long-distance moving tips together to help you arrive at your new home with a sense of success and accomplishment.

Long-Distance Moving Tip No. 1: Make a Moving Plan

The best way to move long distances is to give yourself enough time to take care of all the related responsibilities.

As soon as you know you’re definitely making a big move, create a basic schedule that includes important dates and deadlines. You can start to understand timing in terms of:

  • Gathering quotes and figuring out how much your move will cost
  • Determining which moving services are crucial to the process (i.e. do you have a plan for shipping your car if needed?)
  • Identifying your moving options and booking dependable cross-country movers
  • Completing any DIY move tasks, like packing
  • Planning your own travel from your old home to your new one
  • Scheduling shut-off for utilities and other services to your old home

Moving Long Distance Tip No. 2: Focus On What You Really Need

There are lots of packing tips for moving long distances to consider. One of the simplest is also one of the best: only bring what you truly need.

Packing items that go unused or rarely used in your current home will only take up more space on the moving truck and raise costs.

Similarly, be sure to consider the climate of your new home and its amenities.

Will you need a full winter wardrobe or set of pool accessories, for example? If not, don’t bother bringing them.

Donate unused items to a charity, give them away online, or sell them in a yard sale instead.

Cross-Country Moving Tip No. 3: Make Your Own Trip a Success

You might drive from your old home to your new one, or take another mode of transportation to get there.

No matter how you make the journey, you want it to be a success. If you plan to drive, have your car tuned up and inspected before moving day. If you fly, make sure you check into your flight as soon as possible and stay up to date on cancellations and delays.

In both cases, make a list of the items you intend to bring with you and ensure everything is safely packed away.

Long-Distance Moving Tip No. 4: Find An Exceptional Partner

At Fast Moving Group, we’re interstate, long-distance, and cross-country relocation experts. What sets us apart?

  • A commitment to clear and fair pricing: no hidden fees or fine print
  • Superior customer service: from the first conversation to the last box unpacked
  • Carefully developed networks of movers: FMCSA Carriers and internal network
  • The ability to provide specialized services: from warehousing to safely packing and transporting fragile and difficult-to-move items

One last long-distance moving tip: Start pricing out your move ASAP. Reach out to the team at Fast Moving Group for a free estimate today!