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How Long Does It Take to Move?

How long does moving take? That sounds like a simple question. But the answer depends on a lot of variables that change from one move to the next.

Let’s look a little closer at this question, so you can get a better understanding of timelines as you plan to sell your home, buy a new house and make your own move.

How Long Do Movers Take?

When you hire movers who are prepared and dependable, you can count on speed and quality. 

Professional movers can complete their work in a single day when working in an average-sized home, especially if you start packing beforehand. That leads us to another question:

How Soon Before Moving Day Should I Start Packing?

Ideally, start the packing process about six weeks before you move. That gives you plenty of time to get supplies, make a plan, and dedicate a little time to packing each day. That’s much better than a last-minute frenzy of packing right before your moving day.

How Long Does it Take to Move Into a House?

While it can take several weeks to get fully settled, you can usually set up the essentials in a single day.

For long-distance moves, especially cross-country ones, you may have to wait until you reach the delivery window provided by your moving service. That can extend the amount of time involved from just a few days to about two weeks.

Movers work hard to get you your belongings as soon as possible. But they also have to contend with factors outside of their control, like inclement weather and unavoidable delays their moving trucks face on the road. That’s why it’s especially important to pack and transport anything you’ll need immediately yourself.

How Many Days Does it Take to Move?

There are a few ways to answer this question. If you look at it from buying a house and starting to pack to being completely moved into your new home, it could take several weeks or a few months for the process to truly feel complete.

If you think about it from moving out day to moving in day, the timeframe gets shorter.

An interstate move within the same part of the country, or a simple crossing of one state line, can take as little as one day.

A coast-to-coast move will likely involve a few days of travel. It often makes the most sense to bring valuable possessions (your work-from-home equipment, family heirlooms, etc.) with you by car, instead of taking a plane or train.

Taking the potential delivery window into account as well, the maximum time it takes to make this kind of move is about two weeks.

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